Dog Minding

Dog Minding Service $35 Per Dog

Extra $15 Per Extra Dog

Here at Kingdom Pet Service, we’re more than just a pet boarding company. We believe we’re more than that, simply because, our core focus is to ensure your pet is treated with utmost care and attention. Whether you have a puppy, dog or cat and are looking for quality pet sitting services, there’s no better company you can trust. Since our inception, we have worked on becoming the first choice for pet lovers and sitters alike. Our aim is to create happy customers who are more than satisfied with the quality of our service.

It is our responsibility as pet carers to provide our animals with the care necessary to keep them healthy. Moreover, to foster that care without causing undue fear or stress to our fury friends, is why we would recommend our pet minding service. Our Dog Minding services alleviate, the social anxiety of removing dogs from the comfort of their homes. We will visit your dog at their natural environment (your home) with a scheduled plan while you are away.