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I am also a Veterinary Nurse, providing supportive care for animals receiving treatment within a veterinary practice. I work as a member of the veterinary team, providing expert nursing care for sick animals and comfort for the owners. As a Veterinary nurse I also play a significant role in educating owners on maintaining the health of their pets in accordance with the Vets counsel.

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Kingdom Pets is about seeing families and individuals have the luxury to travel and pursue personal goals while having the confidence that their four-legged friends are safe and sound.

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We are committed to achieving high standards and advancing best practices. We value and respect each person and each dog as an individual, and adhere to our core values of Knowledge , Love , Innovation.

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Pets service

I am so excited to announce to you my new and personal Dog Service portfolio ‘Kingdom Pets’. Kingdom Pets is about making a difference in the lives of our community through our four-legged friends. We provide professional dog walking & pet sitting services to families with diverse living styles who at times find it hard to exercise their dogs, or maybe due to other reasons are unable to provide care for their fury companions. Whatever your reasons might be, we believe all dogs should enjoy freedom and love throughout their lives.

Kingdom Pets is a registered Business, Fully insured and checked through the Australian Federal police (AFP). We are located in South East Melbourne.


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